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4WD Fitouts and Conversions in Perth

At Klarmann, we thrive on getting your 4 Wheel Drive to the next level.

We will take the time to sit down with our clients and understand what they want and what they need and how we can combine these two things together into the most optimal system.

Our expertise in the 4WD conversion industry allows us to source the best products for our clients and install them in the best spots on their car to make it work exactly the way they would expect their 4WD fitout and conversion system to work.

We have the experience to know what products work in what situations.

We are experts when it comes to 4 Wheel Drive Conversions and our
knowledge ensures that everyone enjoyings our services and gets the highest quality parts with the best craftsmanship.

We are the undisputed experts in electric 4WD conversion.

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Stages & Process



We sit down with you and learn about your goals and needs.



We design a system build to YOUR needs and provide a no-obligation free quote with detailed descriptions of the parts we recommend you use.



After confirmation our expert workshop will take your plans and build the system specific to your needs.



We go through a rigorous testing process to ensure
everything works perfectly.



We hand you back your vehicle with all modifications
and celebrate your upcoming journey

What do our 4WD fitouts involve?

If you’re in Perth and need a proper electrical system that includes batteries, a charging system, a monitoring system for the electrics, compressor, fridge, travel body, electric cooking, or 240V inverters, we can help. That’s where our 4WD conversions come in handy.

We also specialise in under-bonnet 4WD fitout installations where we can add extra batteries for jump-starting and combining batteries to drive home when the alternator fails in the bush.

Customers who need light conversions – picking the right driving/ work lights and making sure that people can actually drive in the dark. We take into account the distance, spread, and power requirements that you need.

Finally, as part of our 4WD fitout service, we are communications experts i.e. 2-way radio installations, 3G or 4G repeaters extended for cell phone coverage, satellite phones, safety beacons.

Setting up solar systems – we find out how much energy people are using, we will also find out how they drive, how they recharge their batteries through their driving cycles, how much solar they need for their setups, where the solar should be mounted – all those things are also the considerations for 4WD fitouts and conversions.

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If you need more information about a 4WD conversion or any of our other services, don’t hesitate to contact us using the button below. We value consultation highly and aim to tailor our services to each unique set of requirements. Give us a call today.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the battery bank that we need?

The size of battery you need depends on a few things. First, how much energy you are using. Second, how often and for how long do you drive. Third, how long you are planning on being stationary. If you are unsure about the above, come talk to us and we can help you out.

How much solar do I need and where should I mount it?

The amount of solar depends on how long you plan on being stopped for and how large your battery is. Generally, we look at habits of camping, where your parking – shade or in the sun and energy consumption. The longer you are stopped the more you may need, as charging through the alternator may no longer be an option.

How long before my big trip do I have to plan to get all this done?

Anywhere from 3-6 months generally. If you are doing full conversions apart from the electrics such as tyres, bulbar, drawers, etc at least 6 months is preferred. To get the electrics side of it done, at least 3 months ahead should do.

How do I best plan to build my vehicle?

The best thing to do before you purchase any products is to find out your needs first. How do you go camping, what luxuries do you want and what do you need to accommodate your lifestyle while camping?

Build Warranty / Build Guarantee

We provide a lifetime workmanship warranty on all of our electrical installations. Terms and Conditions apply. Contact us for more information.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Bank Transfers, Credit Cards and Cash payments.


cameron du preez
cameron du preez
Fabio Figus
Fabio Figus
Robert Emms
Robert Emms
Great place for your 12v needs.
Simon R
Simon R
Tommy Hallberg
Tommy Hallberg
Bradley Raynor
Bradley Raynor
Frank was awesome. He really sorted my 12v issues that a referred auto sparky was confused about. Yes, it was a little more costly, but good god, the cost of my first setup that didn’t work vs doing it right is no comparison. Don’t go cheap as it could cause fires, it could cause issues that you blame on products that is due to poor wiring. Just get it done with confidence with these guys.
Harry Fisher
Harry Fisher
I have used a lot of Auto sparkies in my time and they all kind of seem dumb after using Heiner and the team. Honestly, he has forgotten more than what most people know about auto electrics. The workmanship is excellent and there are no shortcuts. Highly highly recommended.
Steve Jones
Steve Jones
Highly recommended
If he only sold Bratwurst to compliment his state of the art electronic wizardry. Good crew down there, top of their game.
Markus Langensiepen
Markus Langensiepen
Really good advice and top quality work. Best in Perth for 4WD electrical!

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